A New Identity

The last Symbian logo was launched over 10 years ago. It was originally designed to represent the print side of the business, so when Symbian Create was born a few years ago the word ‘create’ was simply bolted on as a temporary fix.

Whilst the original logo served us well, it was felt that it was beginning to look slightly dated. As we had been through a period of organisational structure and focus, a company rebrand was wanted to signal this change.
It was important that the rebrand should reference the original logo, give longevity for the future and advance the business inline with the company’s development plans.

Symbian Old Branding

Creating the new brand

We decided that Symbian Create and Symbian Print should have their own identities but have a strong synergy with each other.

A new circular ‘S’ device was designed to be used acoss both companies. Clean and crisp, a modern, clean look was acheived with the use of angular lines within a circular shape that represent our simple but thoughtful approach. Orange was chosen for Symbian Print as a nod to the company’s heritage and a fresh, vibrant lime for Symbian Create.

Drawing the Symbian Logo

The ‘S’ shape was also chosen to use as a secondary graphic reversed out of a solid colour or strong image, to enhance the company brand. The type on both logos is hand-drawn to reinforce the strength and uniqueness of our service.

Symbian Create Wave Banner

When used together they form a very strong coherent brand message. The use of powerful imagery and colour along with the graphic devices and type creates a flexible, fun and exciting visual message. The combination of graphics is limitless and provides an ever evolving, strong brand identity.

The new identity has suceeded in unifying the two companies behind a shared vision and have re-energised both for the future.

Maybe it’s time to think about a rebranding your company. It’s obviously a big decision and it shouldn’t be taken lightly, but if you’d like to find out a little more about how we can help you with your own rebranding then please call 01279 810 749 or email
to see how we can help.

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