Raise Your Game for the New year

As we are now halfway through January, we were wondering how your New Year’s resolutions are progressing?

If like us, you have succumbed to the finer foods in the kitchen and your dry January is actually looking more like the current weather forecasts, we can help make sure this doesn’t spill over to your business.

If you are looking to drive your business further this year then this is our pick of what will deliver returns in 2020.

Business Resolutions 2020

1. Embrace Video

93% of businesses can attribute a new customer thanks to a video on social media, and when video and text are presented on the same page 72% of people prefer to learn about your offering through video. These stats highlight the importance of incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy in 2020 … interest spans are short online so keep the video length snackable.

2. Localise your SEO

In the past two years ‘Near me now’ searches have grown 150%, there has been a 900% growth for phrases like ‘near me tonight/today’ and a 200% increase in searches for phrases such as ‘stores open near me now’. Mobile use and voice search are fuelling the increase in local searches so you can’t afford to not appear.  There are a few techniques to help you tap into these growing local searches that show high customer intent.
Firstly make sure your website is mobile-friendly, add Google Maps and geotagging data, and make sure you list your business with Google My Business and optimise it further for local search.

3. Visual Search

Visual search can take the user experience to a totally new level. Ever wanted to search for product but struggled to find the words to describe it? Well, you’re not alone and with apps like Google Lens and Bixby, the camera is becoming the new keyboard on phones.

Google Lens Home screen Apps like Google Lens makes visual search quick and simple

There are numerous ways to optimise your site content, make sure your photos are of good quality and use more than one. Optimise your image titles and descriptions – make sure they relate to the product – think about the keywords people will be using. Include alt text and captions and make sure your images are the optimum size for their use, large image file size is one of the main contributing factors to site speed – a crucial SEO ranking factor!

4. Create more content

Creating quality content helps generate quality leads, improves SEO and helps position you as a thought leader and expert in your field. Good content attracts customers and builds trust in your brand, relevancy is key so remember to plan your customer journey and match the right message to where they sit on their path to purchase.

Follow the link for further information about content marketing which includes our handy content matrix to help you plan your content ideas.

5. Don’t forget print

With the majority of communication in the digital world, print can cut through this digital clutter with a level of personalisation previously unavailable. Print is tactile, appealing to an additional sense that digital can’t, so experiment with new paper stocks, laminates and effects that don’t just look good but feel good too.

If you require any help achieving any of the resolutions above then please call us on 01279 810 749 or email sales@www.symbiancreate.co.uk.

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