& Well Being

IWE is an adult service provider who empowers people to live independently. Our accessible web design helped their users access those services.

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The Challenge

Independence & Well Being are a great company who do fantastic work in their community.

The problem they faced was being able to easily connect with the vulnerable people in their community they were trying to serve, who each had different problems when it cam to accessing support. They needed a simple brand image and website which was easily accessible, friendly and helped to empower their service users.

Our Approach

Accessibility was the name of the game in this project. We wanted to build a website which aided access to IWE’s services, so the UX had to be spot on. We invested time researching how to optimise IWE’s accessibility for people with visual, physical and mental impairments.

From brands colours and fonts, to UX focused web design, we create a brand that would engage with its end-users and make their journey to the services they required as easy and engaging as possible.

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