Extremis Technology designs and invents low cost folding shelter solutions. They need a brand identity which reflected their position at the pinnacle of British engineering.

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The Challenge

Extremis Engineering needed a digital platform where they could discuss the development of their shelters with their Shareholders, as well as act as a shop window for their innovative engineering work. They also wanted to reinvent their visual identity to a simple but powerful logo which would enhance the companies British engineering pedigree.

Our Approach

Our research showed that as a British Engineering company, Extremis already carried a certain amount of stature to global audiences. We wanted to build on this. We used colours associated with British engineering in the creation the logo to focus on this link.

As a shop window, the website focuses on the undeniable need to deliver affordable housing solutions across the globe, as well as highlighting the opportunity this represented to potential shareholders.

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Logo Design & Branding:

Racing Green
Hokey Pokey


Extremis Mobile View
Extremis Technolgy
Extremis Technolgy
Extremis Technolgy

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