Is Automated social media turning you into a robot?

Throughout life’s journey – and social media is just an extension of this – we learn to interact with one another on a personal level. To earn knowledge and trust. This engagement is something we learn naturally. It is how we grow and learn. Yet online we can all be a bit guilty of neglecting these necessary interactions.

Automated social media is easy. We know the business social media setup – you’ve got your automation software in place. Regular industry posts are set up to go out every day with ready-made content, ready-made headlines, with their own ready-made images and links. You are even careful when promoting your own business and aren’t sending spammy links. We know – you’re busy and you need to move fast!

Even if you are posting regularly, reading and sharing the most interesting stuff from within your industry you might be neglecting the biggest part of a good social media strategy. Being human.

Social media mimics life. If you witness an old chap take a tumble in the park, you wouldn’t just walk on by. I’d like to think we’d all help in some way. By helping, you’re interacting, showing compassion and making acquaintances along the way.

When we interact with people online, we need to show this human side. It builds trust and reassurance. Adversely, and most importantly, if you act like a robot online your business will appear robotic: untrustworthy and unable to communicate to a human’s needs.

We should be showing our human side whenever possible. Showing that we are trustworthy and compassionate. I like to think we are the ones in need, like the old chap in the park, and the helpers. The individuals who are in the vicinity at the time may assist you, and comment on your actions. These acquaintances could turn into friends, and who knows what doors and avenues they may open for you.

It’s called social networking for a reason, be sociable!

Read our guide to the best social media platforms for your business and discover what your business should post, to which social networks – and when!

– Do –

Post Videos

Time your posts

For maximum engagement timing is critical. Experticity list the best times to post for each day of the week over different social media channels. Ultimately your business, your customers and your industry is unique to you. Test the water and gauge the response your posts get at different times, hours, months.

Schedule Posts

Post videos

Video engages with people and sets their imaginations racing. YouTubers have become the most powerful social media figures. Videos have a higher organic reach on Facebook than picture posts.


Engage with your audience

A smaller, more engaged audience is much more valuable to your business than a larger audience that isn’t engaged. People are on social media to be entertained and educated so give the people what they want. Listen, debate, start a conversation and encourage them to engage with your business in return.

Best Platforms

Find the best platforms for your business

Not everything will work for all businesses and to monitor every single platform is simply exhausting. Select those that offer your business the best potential for reaching your audience and broadcast the type of media which best suits your business. It will be better to have a great engagement across a few channels than sparse enagement across many.

Shorten URLs

Shorten URLs

Use an URL shortener like bitly, for example, when posting links. If you’re signed up, this will provide a good analysis of the traffic to your site directly from your social media activity and you can monitor which of this works.

– Don’t –

Don't Ramble

Don’t ramble

Social media moves fast and the constantly swiping motion of user’s index finger means your post needs to be digested immediately. 50 words or less on short posts are best.

Don't Ramble

Don’t rant

If you’re angry with somebody, deal with it privately – phone or email. Some things are best left off social media, and it will reflect badly on you and especially your business.

Don’t use technical or complex language

Your posts need to be read quickly, so use shorter words to get your message across.


Don’t be a slave to automation

It is a good idea to schedule posts, but don’t rely on it alone. Your business will appear robotic and unfriendly.

– but most importantly –

Be human

The most important rule by a country mile. By all means, use automation, but show the world that you are indeed a human underneath everything – not a robot.

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