Give a Christmas Gif

Tired of sending traditional Christmas cards? Looking for an alternative & want something electronic instead? We have the perfect solution, why not send one of or personalised Christmas GIF e-cards. They’re cheaper, more environmentally friendly and arguably offer greater opportunity to be creative with moving images and flashing lights.

Our Free Christmas Gif Ecard Templates that you can download, customise and send to your customers, friends, family, whoever – after all it’s free.

Pick your design from the choices below, and follow the instructions on how to to personalise with your details.

Choose your design!

Customise and send…

Step 1

Click on the ‘View Email‘ button to open the email template in a new window, copy the source code and paste it into any text editor

Step 2

Once you have copied the html and saved the file as a .html, open the file in a plain text editor, such as notepad, where you will able be to make the changes to the content.

Changing html files will mean you have to delve into the HTML code and edit certain lines. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible but if you are having trouble you might want to consult an expert.

Step 3

Replace the logo link and file path with your own
The first thing to change is the logo and the corresponding link to your website. Scroll down until you find the section marked with Logo Goes Here. In this area you need to replace two lines of code, the link to your company website and the image address of your company logo. Simply replace the dummy content with your own specific domain paths as marked in the file (If you do not wish to include your logo you can simply delete this entire section of code).

Step 4

Sending the email via Mailchimp
Now you have your completed HTML template, the code can be pasted into an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp and edited from there. You can also send HTML emails via Outlook.

Sending the email via Outlook
When creating a ‘New’ email, open the ‘attach file’ window. Select the HTML file you have just edited but do not click ‘Insert’ straight away. Instead select ‘Insert As Text’ from the button drop down button and then click. Then hey presto! A beautiful Christmas Gif ready to send. You can now make changes to the text, if you haven’t already, by over typing the dummy content.

Get your Christmas Gif message right! Add sparkle and wonder to your Christmas ecards with a custom template by Symbian Create. Call us on 01279 810 749 or email

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