Generate Leads with LinkedIn Outreach

How often do you use Linkedin to generate new business? The key is to turn new connections into genuine leads and a simple LinkedIn outreach campaign can be a very effective way of doing this.

Whether you’re sending out emails or making phone calls, nobody likes cold calling. However, the power of LinkedIn messaging should not be underestimated as it has been proven to be three times more effective than a traditional email campaign.

If you’re still not convinced, or if you are thinking about running your own outreach campaign, you need to read this first…

Why LinkedIn?

The numbers really do speak for themselves… LinkedIn currently has more than 630 million members and 303 million active monthly users. The quality of the members is equally impressive, as 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision makers use the platform. Out of the leading Fortune 500 companies, 92% use LinkedIn.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that business owners and decision-makers use the platform to generate new business and to create exciting opportunities. With nearly half (40%) of members visiting the site daily, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn has quickly become the platform of choice for SMEs and B2B marketing and sales professionals. In fact, 91% of marketing executives list LinkedIn as the top place to find quality content, while 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix.

From posting video from a trade show to joining conversations on popular industry groups, LinkedIn users regard the platform as just another networking opportunity. This means they are much more open to approaches from people they may not know.

LinkedIn Outreach

Although a LinkedIn outreach campaign is basically a clever way of cold calling, when done correctly it can come across as a much more personal as you can send a direct message to every single contact.

If you are still unsure about approaching people you have never met or talked to before, try to overcome your fear by treating your connections as friends and by regarding your outreach message as a start of a conversation, not simply a sales message.

So how do you create a successful LinkedIn outreach message? Here are some top tips to get you in the mood for making meaningful connections which will generate more business.

Be Yourself

Successful marketing messages don’t happen by chance, talented people spend an awful lot of time and effort creating simple but effective wording.

Have a target audience in mind, and try to keep your message short, simple and positive. Remember that you can send a connection request to a second-degree connection for free, but these messages are limited to just 300 characters. Use every word wisely.

Try to treat your LinkedIn outreach message just like a text or a Facebook message, rather than email spam. You need to be yourself, as there’s more chance that it will be read by the recipient. The trick is to be brief, but not blunt. The beauty of Linkedin is you can learn a lot from a profile, so find some common ground. Did you attend the same university, recently visit the same trade show, work in a similar area, being relevant is key!

Stop Selling

The worst thing you can do is to simply fire off a hard sell on your first message, it is a serious turn-off. Your goal should be to start a conversation, so try to introduce yourself naturally. Remember that you are a stranger, so give the recipient a good reason to respond to you.

For example, try to end the message with a question. You could attempt to find out more about their business or ask them about their industry, experience or even which networking groups they attend.

LinkedIn outreach cold message
LinkedIn outreach cold message

When posing a question, remember most of us love being helpful, so a request for some insight on a particular issue is more likely to get a response.

LinkedIn Cold Outreach

Connection request with mutual connection



Follow Up

It can be difficult to keep on top of your messages when you are in the middle of a LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Make sure you can dedicate plenty of time to keeping up to date with your conversations and remember to reply promptly to any responses. Even if your targets don’t reply within the first day or so, send a follow-up message just in case.

Just to recap

  • Study your prospect’s profile
  • Look for a common connection/interest
  • Keep your messages succinct
  • Ask a question that will spark interest

What Next?

If you don’t have the time to invest in managing your connection requests, we can help you create a successful LinkedIn outreach campaign with our proven five-point plan. There is no minimum contract and there is no need for a LinkedIn Premium account or a treasure chest of InMail credits.

We manage the initial connection request and the following responses to your target profiles, from your account. Once interest has been nurtured, you take over when your new cold connection has become a genuine warm lead. You continue to use your LinkedIn account as normal and can monitor all responses and step in whenever you want. For more information on how we do this click here.

Remember, on LinkedIn, it’s more important to have the right message for a target audience, than having the most connections.

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