Help Santa find his sack!

It is winter, it is cold,
Santa Claus is getting old,
He’s only gone and lost his sack,
He’s desperate now to get it back
Can you help him find it please
and put his aching mind at ease

Can you help find Santa’s missing items?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from all of the team at Symbian Create.

We wanted to add some festive cheer to your lunch hour – so we have set you a challenge. After celebrating a job well done in the Nags Head, with Rudolf and the gang, Santa can’t remember where he has placed some important festive items. He has lost six presents, three elves, a festive impersonator and most importantly Santa’s only gone and lost his sack!

They can be found somewhere in the wintry scene below, if only we had some willing volunteers ready to look for them… Can you find them?

Items you need to find:


Six misplaced gifts


Three wayward elves


Crimbo Impersonator


Santas sack!

Find The Gifts

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