What is Content Marketing?

In recent years there has been a seismic shift in marketing with brands of all sizes embracing content marketing to engage with their customers.

In fact, content marketing is now critical to the success of your business. To make the most of the fast-growing and highly effective marketing channel, the key is to produce engaging and relevant content that really connects with your customers.

Get it right and you can soon reap the benefits by producing content that entertains and informs customers, leading to more leads and revenue.

So how can your business take advantage? Here is our quick guide to content marketing…

What is content marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute definition is: “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Once upon a time, traditional ‘push’ advertising ruled the marketing world with agencies running expensive campaigns on billboards, radio, television, newspapers and magazines. There was little or no engagement with customers, who were simply bombarded by ad messages.

Following the digital revolution, content is now king with customers having the choice of how and where to consume marketing through social media, blogs, apps and video. Think about it… modern brands cannot survive without it!

Why your business needs content marketing

Regardless of size, any business can benefit from creating great content.

Here are our six top reasons to engage a content marketing strategy…

Content Gif


Become a respected voice in your industry by offering advice through videos, eBooks, white papers and other online resources. Use your content to educate customers about you and your brand. Building trust can help your business establish a positive reputation. Remember: it’s not just about selling.

Publishing content on third-party publications or sharing your content with industry influencers can also boost your profile. When the time comes to make a purchase, consumers will remember your brand for supplying the right information for their problem.


This content marketing stuff sounds cool, but does it actually produce leads for my business? Research has shown that a successful content marketing strategy can generate three times as many leads as other digital marketing. Furthermore, 74% of companies said content marketing has increased the quantity and quality of leads.

Conversion Rates:

Also a whopping six times higher, according to a survey of online consumers in the US, 61% decided to make a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog.

Content marketing can improve conversions by giving consumers the right information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. That’s why it’s vital to include a clear call-to-action in your content.


Advertising gurus love content marketing as it can help businesses learn more about their customers through data. Track the engagement rates on social media posts, video shares, website downloads and blog views. This gold mine of information can then be used to revise and develop your strategy, improving the impact of your content marketing.


Never assume your customers are here to stay, you need to keep up, if not ahead, of your rivals. Ask yourself: are you offering everything your customers need? You don’t want them visiting another company’s social media/website for news, videos and helpful blogs.

Repeat customers are essential for small businesses and make up a large portion of their revenue, so use content marketing to find ways to strengthen your relationship with current customers.


Content marketing begins to make even more sense when you consider how it can improve the online visibility of your business through search engine optimisation (SEO). The more content you publish on your website, the more pages the search engine has to index and display in search engine results.

When creating SEO-friendly blogs, remember Google’s EAT principle: expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Creating blogs on a variety of subjects and keywords will also give you more opportunities to rank higher in search engine results.

With more content on your website, viewers are more likely to stay and read more pages, further enhancing your SEO ranking.


On average, content marketing costs less than traditional marketing, and generates around quality leads. By offering such great value, content marketing is a great tool for small firms looking to make a significant return on investment.

Not all products or services, especially low-value items, are suited to pay per click or social media advertising. The beauty of content is that it is a universal marketing tool and once published is always there working for you in organic search.

Where Next?

Brands and businesses who neglect the importance of content marketing will be missing out on potential leads today will need to play catch-up tomorrow. However, the companies which already have a content marketing strategy in place are making an impact – refining their content with accurate customer data, new technology, and a pool of internal or outsourced content creators.

Before rushing out to video your staff in action, you need to spend some time developing a content marketing strategy which is aimed at your target audience. Once you have set out your goals and objectives, you can then go about planning and creating your content. Below is a content matrix which is a great tool to check your content covers every need and desire of your customers. Each quadrant represents the main purposes of content which is to entertain, inspire, educate and convince.

Symbian Content Matrix

Planning and creating content obviously takes time and if you feel that you need help, discover how working with us can help drive traffic to your website and boost your lead conversions. Find out more information about content creation or call 01279 810 749 today!

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