Brand Identity

A coherent expression of your own brand values, personality and ambitions work in unison to form a unique brand identity. By developing an identity your company can define its position in a marketplace, connect with customers, and grow.

By breaking down a company’s core values, defining them and expressing those values through visual and verbal brand indentities we can set the brand in solid foundations.

Whether you are looking to revitalise an old brand or working on the conception of a new one, we have the experience and expertise to help your business flourish.


Logo Design

Your logo is central to any brand identity, it’s a graphic representation of your business which often forms the first impression of your company. It needs to be recognisable and versatile. It can instantly portray your market, culture and product so it’s important to get right.

As a leading creative agency, we know how important a logo is to the success of your business. Before beginning the design process it is important to clarify your industry position, evaluate your brand assets, and where your logo will be seen.


Brand Guidelines

After an exercise in rebranding, implementing your new brand guidelines consistently across all your marketing channels is just as important as having them created in the first place.

To implement your guidelines successfully they need to be as clear and concise as possible. Different people can easily interpret branding differently based on their own personal preferences. Good brand guidelines help with the steady delivery of a corporate identity incorporating the whole personality of a product, company or organisation.


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